Interior Design/Book formatting
Our expert team reviews the work and provides the author with a couple of custom layouts created for your work. After mutual consensus, we typeset the content in the said layout in a specific trim size. Premium design is recommended for books with images, figures, tables, equations and illustrations.
Price: Rs. 20/page for plain text book
Price: Rs. 35/page, book with different level headings, images and tables

eBook Design
The fast and growing use of electronic devices make the world "Digital", even the knowledge has gone digital. Digitization helps user to work easier, quick responsive, with more accuracy and easy to accessible. Electronic publishing of books is a major development that is quickly causing changes in the industry. eBooks are a great way to get your work to the masses through readers like iPad or Kindle.
Price: Rs. 4000/book for plain text book

Basic Cover Design
Book cover is the face of a book. The face has to represent the true character and voice of the work it stands for. Hence, book cover design is an important task to be accomplished carefully to make the book a success. In basic cover design, we find suitable images matching the content from various stock photo repositories and provide the author with a variety of templates/designs to choose from. Aspects of the book cover touched include: front cover, title design, spine, back cover including book summary and author biography and ISBN barcode.
Price: Rs. 3000

Premium Cover Design
In premium cover design, expert designers review the work and custom design the cover matching the work type. We provide the author with a couple of designs to choose from. Professional consultation is associated along with custom design choice. After mutual consensus, we finalize the cover design for the book.
Price: Rs. 8,000

Proof Reading

Proofreading is a virtual necessity for a manuscript about to be published to ensure that a ‘clean’ (error-free) manuscript is sent to the printer or the e-book processor. Proofreading is done at the final stage of a manuscript where detail-oriented language experts check the text for typos, basic grammatical and spelling errors, punctuation and capitalization issues. Proofreaders also make sure the appearance of the book is uniform and pleasing and that the style sheet has been followed faithfully.
Price: Rs. - 0.4 per word

Copy Editing
If your manuscript is one which would profit from a detailed study by an objective authority in the domain who could help you with each aspect of the craft, the Extensive Editing Package is perfect for you. Copy editing is a word-by-word edit that addresses grammar, usage, and consistency issues. Our copyeditor will correct continuity issues in your story and ensure your manuscript is free of technical problems or major loose ends that'll confuse your readers. Manuscripts will also be checked for any style, spelling and grammar issues.
Price: Rs. - 0.8 per word

Our designers can make custom illustrations (drawings, sketches, cartoons) based on the requirements of your content.
Price: Rs. 500 to 2000 per illustration, based on complexity

Author Website - Basic
An author website is an excellent platform to engage with your potential readers. It also helps in building your brand as an author. Basic author website will have author profile and list of books with their respective store links.
Price: Rs. 6000 for 1st Year and then renewal charges will be applicable.

Author Website – Premium
You can sell your books directly from your website and maximize your profits from book sales.
Price: Rs. 20000 for 1st Year and then renewal charges will be applicable.

Copyright Registration
Copyright protects you and your content against possible infringement. We will file your application with the Registrar of Copyright (Government of India) and certificate will be issued after verification by Registrar of Copyright (Government of India).
Price: Rs. 3000