About Us

Classy Publishing is a Leading Self Book Publishers in India; we specialized in publishing hardbound books, paperback books and eBooks.

A new generation of readers is developing, who wants to read new literature. The whole effort of Classy Publishing is to make better and better literature for new generation of his choice. In this period of technicalization, we have created the entire system of eBook with the best literature for the new generation of readers. So today’s youth can easily read their favorite book on their mobile.

Our Publication House is publishing fiction novels, short stories books, poetry books, Classics books, history books and children’s books in most popular languages in India, like in English, Hindi, and other regional languages.

For Book Readers, publishing romance books, Mystery books, Fantasy Books, Thriller books, Classic books, Comics/Graphic novel or book based on a sequence of pictures and words, Crime/detective books – fiction about a crime, Realistic fiction – story that is true to life, Science fiction – story based on the impact of actual, imagined, or potential science, Short story – fiction of great brevity, Suspense/thriller books, Tall tale – humorous story books for teens and adults.

Classy Publishing also publishes Biography/autobiography books, Essay books, Memoir, Narrative nonfiction/personal narrative, Reference books, Self-help books, Speech, Textbook, Literary fiction books etc.

About Satendra Singh

Satendra Singh has been working in publishing industry since 2007. Before starting Classy Publishing, he worked for many reputed publishing companies. After spending 14 years in the design and publishing industries, and finding some amazing designers and editors that had a similarly deep passion, he decided to start a company with the aim to promote maximum new authors in publishing industry.

It is our sincere wish that every author is completely satisfied with their finished project and is confident in their choice to continue using our platform for future.