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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the process of publishing?

Pick the package that suits your budget and requirements. Reach us through ‘Contact Us’. Our sales representative will call you to talk about your requirements and customize a package for you if needed. You sign a contract with us,email us your manuscript, we will take care rest.

How much time does it take to publish my book?

On an average, your book will be in your hand within a month.

Who owns the rights to my book?

All the copyrights of the book will be retained by the author (AKA You).

What is an ISBN and will my book get an ISBN number?

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. It's basically a 13 digit identification number that booksellers and libraries use to identify books. Separate ISBNs are assigned for the paperback, hardbound and eBook versions of your book.

How many copies of my book will you print?

We provide unlimited inventory management for all our authors.Classy Publishing works with its various print partners across the globe to make sure your book is printed and delivered to your buyer within the turnaround time.

Our smart systems are capable of printing & shipping 1000s of orders a day. So, even if we get 100 or 1000 orders of your book in a day, we will ship all of them within 1-2 days.

In simple terms, your book will always remain in stock through us and will be available for purchase on demand.

Can I track how many books I've sold?

Yes, you can track the sales of your book on your author dashboard.

How do I set the selling price of my book?

The selling price of a book is dependent on its printing cost. The calculate author earnings feature on the Classy Publishing website helps you know the printing cost of your book based on the Number of Pages, Color, Book Size & Book Type.

You can set any MRP higher than the Minimum Selling Price of your book. With this, you can set the retail price of your book and ascertain the earnings that you would receive on sale of every copy.

The final MRP will be decided after the discussion with the author.

What is Minimum Selling Price?

Minimum Selling Price is the least possible selling price of the book, suggested by our experts. This depends entirely on the book specifications entered in our calculator.

How much Royalty will I get?

You will get the 100% profits. Profit here stands for the money earned after deducting all the costs.

How are Author Earnings calculated for print books?

Profit is calculated as the difference between the MRP and expenses incurred during the printing and distribution of the book.

Profit = MRP – Expenses (Printing Cost + Distribution Cost).

How much is Distribution Cost?

eCommerce websites usually charge up to 50% of MRP on the books sold through them.

How often will I receive my Author Earnings?

All print books sold via Indian eCommerce sites are reported on your Author Dashboard as soon as orders are confirmed and determined for each month. Your earnings for each month is paid out within 45 days from the end of the month the sales are reported in.

Can I exclude/include a service from a package?

Yes, you can customize your package according to the needs of your book.