The Great God Pan

by (Arthur Machen)


Paperback -     88.00 7.99

Book Information
Book Size (Inches) : 5.06 x 7.81
Binding : Paperback
Interior Color : Black & White
Language : English
Genre(s) : Fantasy, Literature/Fiction, Gothic/Horror
ISBN : 978-93-5522-016-5
Year : 2021
Pages : 94

Book Description

A doctor performs an experiment on a young woman that goes horribly wrong, and a series of increasingly strange events follow: sinister woodland rituals, disappearances, suicides... Viewed as immoral and decadent on first publication in 1894, Machen's weird tale has since established itself as a classic of its genre and has been described by Stephen King as 'one of the best horror stories ever written'.

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