St. Andrews Ghost Stories

by (William Thomas Linskill)


Paperback -     94.00 8.99

Book Information
Book Size (Inches) : 5.06 x 7.81
Binding : Paperback
Interior Color : Black & White
Language : English
Genre(s) : Gothic/Horror
ISBN : 9789355220974
Year : 2021
Pages : 110

Book Description

St. Andrews Ghost Stories by William Thomas Linskill published by Classy Publishing. In addition to an introductory poem, titled Ghosts and Phantoms, in this volume you will find the stories of: The Beckoning Monk, The Hauntings And Mysteries Of Lausdree Castle, A Haunted Manor House And The Duel At St Andrews, The Apparition Of The Prior Of Pittenweem, A True Tale Of The Phantom Coach, The Veiled Nun Of St Leonards, The Monk Of St Rule’s Tower, Related By Captain Chester, The Screaming Skull Of Greyfriars, The Spectre Of The Castle, The Smothered Piper Of The West Cliffs, The Beautiful White Lady Of The Haunted Tower, Concerning More Appearances Of The White Lady, A Spiritualistic Seance, The Apparition Of Sir Rodger De Wanklyn, The Bewitched Ermentrude, A Very Peculiar House.

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