The Power of Awareness

by (Neville Goddard)


Paperback -     6.85 6.85

Book Information
Book Size (Inches) : 5.5 x 8.5
Binding : Paperback
Interior Color : Black & White
Language : English
Genre(s) : Self-Help
ISBN : 978-93-5522-318-0
Year : 2023
Pages : 94

Book Description

Assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled and observe the route that your attention follows.—Neville Goddard In The Power of Awareness, author Neville presents a concise, unforgettable statement of his core philosophy: that the world around you is a picture in your mind’s eye, created by your thinking, and susceptible to change by altering your thoughts and feelings. The Power of Awareness explains how each individual creates a life of their dreams consciously or suffering through being ignorant to the power of awareness. The book calls visualization, Law of assumption and also teaches tactics how assumption & attention on wish fulfilled can lead to desire manifestation. Author claims that by creating clear images and putting our complete undivided attention of who we want to be, what we want to do, what we want to have we can materialize it.

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